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For 20 years RINGO, a Russian jewelry holding company, has been manufacturing jewelry and jewelry-related products of highest quality and finest design. Today, the RINGO brand is well-known among connoisseurs and experts in exclusive jewelry both in Europe and Asia. Relying on its international and flexible vision of style and innovative view of life, RINGO changes the established concepts of jewelry design and expand the horizons of the taste of its clients.

Drawing upon its successful achievements in the past and present years, RINGO always thinks about the future. Being committed to creating fine jewelry of the future, RINGO has stepped into a NEW CYCLE of development. Creative quest and experimental techniques embodied in the new collections of RINGO’s jewelry products mirror meaningful futuristic concepts and focus on the future, on the new generation of jewelry consumers.

In its design solutions, RINGO combines local distinctness, national artistic traditions and the international language of the contemporary art of

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jewelry. The RINGO style represents flexible intuition of the future, a transcontinental dialog of cultures, a fusion of tradition and avant-garde.

RINGO distinguishes between the universal values of creative work and freedom of expression; therefore, in its relationships with jewelry customers and connoisseurs it pursues not only business feasibility, but also humanitarian cultural and education mission. RINGO is developing together with its customers in continuous creative communication with them, acting as an informal UNIVERSITY OF JEWELRY ART.

RINGO is a highly mobile brand responsible for building its strategy, sensitive to the present-day environment and open to progressive changes. These qualities turn RINGO into a promising partner on the world jewelry market. RINGO overleaps the boundaries and expands the opportunities. RINGO is ahead of time. Today and always.